Jeff is a Mississippi country artist whose true love is songwriting. His influences include John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, and Kris Kristofferson - to name a few. Jeff's abilities caught the ear of Jeffrey Collins of Echo-Vista Records, who was contemplating entering into the country music genre. Collins quickly signed Jeff to a record deal and arranged for him to record a 16 track album of his originals with legendary producer / bassist Gary "Brotherman" Branchaud. Branchaud, along with other top-flight Nashville musicians - including Johnny Neel of the Allman Brothers - collaborated to produce "That's What Love Does" - released in September 2008. Jeff teamed up with Collins and Branchaud again and released his follow-up album - "You Call it Country" in August of 2009 on Famous Records, Corp. - now available on iTunes and other on-line music sites. It too is 16 songs penned by Jeff with help from producer Branchaud. Jeff's work is drawing attention from Nashville heavy hitters like multi-hit country music legend Razzy Bailey who said he "became an instant fan" when hearing Jeff's music for the first time. Jeff has also been featured in "Country Weekly Magazine" and has received national recognition for his songwriting ability. Jeff currently resides with his family in Mississippi where he continues to write and perform his unique style of country music.